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If at any time you wish to stop the registration process, please click the 'Stop Registration' button. This will clear any personal data that may remain if the registration process is not completed.

Please enter the following details for a property held in the name you have entered above.

Your Payment Reference is the 11 digit number beginning with 20 or 22 as found on your statement.

Please enter your date of birth.
Business users, please leave this value as blank

You will be asked to supply 2 characters from this word each time you log on. Your favourite word should be at least 8 characters long, 15 characters maximum, and contain only letters or numbers, no spaces. Please remember this word as for security reasons it will not be emailed to you.

Phone numbers

You must supply at least one phone number to register for online services.

Additional Properties

Please enter a payment reference and address for any additional properties that you wish to see in RBKC Online Services
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Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we must comply with the following principles set out by law, which state that personal information must be:
  • Fairly and lawfully processed
  • Processed for limited purposes
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Accurate and up to date
  • Not kept for longer than is necessary
  • Processed in line with your rights
  • Secure
  • Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

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