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SeeMyData - Data Extraction overview


SeeMyData is an online interactive portal that allows residents and Housing staff to interact via web based screens.

SeeMyData has been designed as a single core system with a uniform database structure. The system receives data from multiple external systems and is transformed via a set of predefined procedures into the common data format used by the portal.

Information updates within SeeMyData are achieved via a set of data extraction routines that connect to your Housing Management System. These are configured to run on a nightly basis after your bulk processing of benefits and payments has occurred. The routines are created and maintained by you and information is sent from your location to our FTP Server via an agreed secure transfer process.

As we make no connection to your servers there is no requirement for you to provide any user access or passwords to your servers or systems.

Data Types

The information passed to SeeMyData can be in any format prividing we are able to apply a set of data rules in order to load it into tables for processing. Text files are the norm, but we also process spread sheets, comma separated files and many other formats.

For those clients restricted to the type of data that can only be sent as reports generated from their Housing Management System, our overnight processes are capable of stripping out unwanted information ready for loading into SeeMyData for display to residents.


File Markers

To eliminate any issues that may arise through commas, pipes, line returns or other characters being included with data files, we utilise a bespoke set of file markers within the data.
Using these file markers also allows us to check that we have received complete files.


Table Structures and Data Extracts

If you use Orchard or QL as your Housing Management System, we have proven, long established methods of data extraction. All your organisation has to do is install the software (instructions are provided) and schedule the extract to run on a nightly basis. For other systems such as Northgate, IBS, UH etc. we have extract routines that have been donated by our clients for the benefit of other SeeMyData customers.

For contracted out IT services or bespoke Housing Management Systems, we will work with you to process the data in the easiest way for extraction. The data that we receive can be in any format and any structure - we provide you with a set of recommended table structures to work towards.


100% data extraction track record

We have over two decades of experience in data extraction and manipulation and to date have not encountered a system that we were unable to retrieve information from.