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SeeMyData reduces your
face to face
communication costs

SeeMyData allows you to streamline your internal processes and reduce your face to face communication.

Recent research in this sector shows that there are significant financial benefits and substantial improvements in service quality to be gained by increasing the range of resident online services.

With SeeMyData you can save your organisation's time and money for what really matters - your residents.

Data from SOCITM - The Association for ICT and related professionals in the public and third sectors.

Research carried out in 2011 by SOICITM as part of the government's digital strategy showed the following average costs for different forms of contact:-

£8.62 per face to face visit
£2.83 per telephone call
£0.15 per website visit

Encouraging your tenants to communicate online and interactively is what SeeMyData is all about.

An annual lease rental with no hidden charges allows straightforward and cost-effective budgeting for this essential service.

Get involved with the online revolution now - by giving better service to your tenants you can save yourself time, resource and ultimately money!