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SeeMyData - Rent Statements overview

Automated Rent Statements

SeeMyData collects the required information to produce online statements as part of the core product, which means that we can use the same information to produce your Rent Statements.

SeeMyData takes the headache out of producing your Rent Statements with our proven and completely secure method of fully automated Rent Statement production.

We can also give you the opportunity to customise your statements with messages sent to individuals or groups of tenants.

  • No need to outsource data manipulation
  • No need for your ICT team to spend time extracting data from your Housing System
  • No more manual data collection
  • No more stuffing envelopes


During statement production the highest level of security is maintained at all times. Information is transmitted using high grade encryption and complies with ISO 27001 and APACS.


Intelligent mailing uses a 2D bar code and inline optical reader to ensure 100% accuracy.

Peace of mind

You will have access to an electronic version of your statements, typically in a pdf document. You give the final approval to printing once you are satisfied with the content.


Statements can be produced for visually impaired residents or in a foreign language.


Our ability to analyse data puts you back in control of your Rent Statements. This allows you to produce statements that communicate specific messages to specific tenants or groups of tenants. There is also in-built selective messaging based upon many parameters including payment method, account balance and Housing Benefit for example.

Postage Discounts

For an organisation with in excess of 4,000 statements you can expect between 10% and 15% saving on your mail postage costs versus the standard Royal Mail tariff using our DSA (Downstream Access) process.

The Rent Statement interface is part of the core functionality of SeeMyData so there is no extra charge. You only pay for the set-up, printing and postage.