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SeeMyData - testimonials & case studies

“Producing our Rent Statements used to be a manual & incredibly onerous process and that has all changed thanks to SeeMyData. In the past we would have to manually produce the statements and that meant physically having to print and fold each individual statement and put it into an envelope ourselves.

“Thanks to SeeMyData we now have Rent Statements which are easier for tenants to read and more importantly they go out in a much more timely manner.


“I also really like the fact that we now have the flexibility to tailor a message on a statement directly to an individual or group of residents, that has provided us with a greatly improved level of communication.

“Many tenants have told us that the statements are now much clearer to read and far easier to understand. This means that residents now get the information that they want, when they want it. Incredibly the whole process which gives us a better end product is even cheaper to run than the old way of doing things.

“This is primarily because we have taken advantage of the discounts available by using 'mail sort' and the printing costs are now outsourced.

“In summary we have a better product, with far more flexibility which goes out on time and all for a lower price. I would wholeheartedly recommend to any RSL the SeeMyData Rent Statement facility.”

Jim Trinnaman
Raven Housing Trust
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