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SeeMyData - SMS overview

Social Housing and SMS

The built in SMS ( text messaging ) features of SeeMyData can revolutionise the way you work - plus, SMS is significantly cheaper than traditional methods of contact such as letter or by telephone.

Messages can be delivered and answered in real time regardless of the location of the recipient and most owners instinctively respond to the sound of a text message. Each message is monitored by the system, so delivery is confirmed.

With SeeMydata, you can replace many expensive and reactive customer service functions with cost effective, proactive SMS based messages.


Practical Uses

SMS bridges the gap between face to face and web based services and is the perfect tool for sending alerts and reminders to residents. Delivery is almost instant compared to several days for a second class letter and each SMS text message typically costs less than 25% of the cost of a stamp.


Arrears Recovery

One of the most significant area of concern, early intervention is fundamental to the prevention of arrears. Text messages are perfect for dealing with the initial onset of arrears quickly and efficiently.

SMS saves your organisation money

Through collaboration we are able to offer one of the best rates around when it comes to price.
The standard SeeMyData offering costs just 6p per text and our large client base means we have been able to negotiate a service where there are no license fees to pay and no setup fees.

No additional line rental charges.
No additional support charges.
One virtual number included free of charge.

As an example, to replace 1,000 letters per week at a cost of 25p per letter with a text message costing 6p would give your organisation a cost saving of almost £10,000 per year in postage costs alone.