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SeeMyData - Security overview

SeeMyData is completely secure for you and your residents.

Quince Associates Limited takes security very seriously and we are fully committed to protecting our computer systems, network and data contained therein or accessible on or via those computer systems from all threats whether internal, external, deliberate or accidental.

The Company takes great care to ensure that any personal information we hold is kept safe and secure. We aim to ensure business continuity should unforeseen events occur and to minimise disruption by preventing and reducing the impact of such events.

We guarantee that :-

All computer systems and personal and sensitive information contained therein are protected against unauthorised access.

Information will be protected in line with relevant laws, in particular data protection and freedom of information.

All equipment is protected against fire, water, electrical fluctuations, physical damage and theft to an appropriate level in line with its replacement value and importance.

With the exception of information intended for the general public, access to all computer systems and personal information must be restricted to those persons within the Company who need to know or those persons within the supplying organisation that need to know.

Confidentiality of information will be assured. Personal information must be restricted by way of verification to ensure the true identity of the person requesting personal information.

In addition,

SeeMyData uses industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of personal data including firewalls and secure socket layers. We also have regular independent testing by multiple third party specialists to ensure data is secure.

The data that is transmitted from or to clients is encrypted and transmitted via secure SFTP protocol or equivalent. In conjunction with tightly controlled user accounts and pre specified remote connections this ensures that sensitive and/or personal information is only accessible by those who need access to it.

When data is received as part of the nightly update processes those data files are moved from the incoming transfer area to a secure customer area. Only authorised Quince Associates staff members have access to this secure file system.